Taking the Hydrogen Council’s vision for hydrogen to the next level, the study entitled?Hydrogen, Scaling up?outlines a comprehensive and quantified roadmap to scale deployment and its enabling impact on the energy transition. Developed with support from McKinsey and?launched as global leaders gathered at COP 23 in Bonn, this report, presents the first comprehensive vision of the long-term potential of hydrogen and a roadmap for deployment. This ambitious yet realistic approach would deliver deep decarbonization of transport, industry, and buildings, and enable a renewable energy production and distribution system. To realize this vision, investors, industry, and government will need to ramp up and coordinate their efforts.?Click here for the Press release

Our vision: The hydrogen economy in 2050


Achieving the hydrogen vision would create significant benefits for the energy system, the environment, and businesses around the world. It would avoid 6 Gt of CO2 emissions, create a $2.5 trillion market for hydrogen and fuel cell equipment, and provide sustainable employment for more than 30 million people.

Read and download the full roadmap to learn more


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