Global Climate Action Summit, San Francisco, U.S.



The Hydrogen Council Co-chairs,?Benoit Potier, CEO and Chairman of Air Liquide and Dr Woong-Chul Yang, Vice Chairman of Hyundai announced a commitment on-stage at the closing plenary of GCAS on 14th September 2018.

“The Hydrogen Council, a global CEO coalition bringing together 50+ leaders in the energy, transport and industry space, is committed to an ambitious goal of ensuring that 100% of hydrogen fuel used in different modes of transportation is decarbonised by 2030. We are therefore calling on governments to build a global alliance that will create the necessary regulatory frameworks to help make this commitment a reality. Transport may be our first target, but with right level of support we will see positive effects across many sectors. We believe hydrogen can play a key role in the clean energy transition and we are ready to work together with governments to help create the right technical, financial and legislative environment that will enable decarbonised hydrogen to scale up.”

Read the full press release by GCAS here




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