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        G20 in Japan: Hydrogen Takes Centre Stage

        G20 in Japan: Hydrogen Takes Centre Stage Marking the start of the 2019 G20 Summit in Japan, the mountain resort of Karuizawa was abuzz last weekend with discussions on how to solve the biggest issues facing the international energy community. At a time when hydrogen technologies are gaining unprecedented momentum and support from governments and…

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        Hydrogen Council Grows to 60 Member Companies as G20 Summit Events Focus on Hydrogen

        Brussels, 18 June 2019 – The Hydrogen Council today announced that six new member companies have joined the group. These include BP as a steering member and AVL, ITOCHU Corporation, The Liebherr Group, Power Assets Holdings Limited, and SinoHytec as supporting members. The continued growth of the Council – a global CEO-led initiative for hydrogen technologies – is in direct response to the acknowledgement that hydrogen can play an important role in decarbonising the global economy.

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        Industry CEOs and government leaders meet at Davos 2019

        Davos 2019: Industry CEOs and government leaders join in support of multilateral cooperation to rapidly accelerate scale up of hydrogen technologies   Representatives from the hydrogen industry and national governments discuss international cooperation to move further and faster with the use of hydrogen as a core vector for a sustainable energy system.   Brussels, 12…

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        International cooperation is key to unlocking the hydrogen economy

        Three reasons why international cooperation is key to unlocking the hydrogen economy   This article originally appeared in the World Economic Forum Agenda publication At no point in human history has the Earth been warmer than it is today. Responding to this generation’s greatest threat will require thoughtful, collaborative action – and fast. In December…

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        Our goal: 100% decarbonised hydrogen fuel in transport by 2030

        GCAS Press Release

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        The Hydrogen Council – an introduction

        The Hydrogen Council is a global initiative of leading energy, transport and industry companies with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition.

        Launched at the World Economic Forum 2017, in Davos, the?growing coalition of CEOs have the ambition to:

        • Accelerate their significant investment in the development and commercialization of the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors.
        • Encourage key stakeholders increase their backing of hydrogen as part of the future energy mix with appropriate policies and supporting schemes.
        As a group of CEOs of leading global businesses, the Hydrogen Council invites policy-makers, investors and civil society stakeholders to acknowledge the contribution and potential of hydrogen as a key element of the energy transition. Together, we seek to define and implement a specific action plan with appropriate supporting tools that will help accelerate major investment into large-scale commercialization of hydrogen solutions across industries world-wide.
        If we want to deliver on our common vision, the time to act is now.

        Our Members:

        Steering members

        Supporting members

        Get in touch!

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